Shoppable video goes beyond clickable hot spot technology...

Now, shoppable videos are not just tagged videos you can shop from and make direct purchases via call-to-actions. They can be adapted to suit your customer and your product. This could be by taking your viewer on a journey via branching, hot-spotted product galleries, 360 degree virtual showrooms, livestream shopping and more.

All of the hottest brands are jumping on the shoppable video trend, creating outstanding content that not only wows, but generates conversion. Gradually, marketers have realised the positive impact of passing over the control to the consumer and how this translates into powerful metrics.

According to Net Solutions, merchants using shoppable video see an increase of 30% in conversion rates, and in the first week of Ted Baker’s shoppable video units being live on its site, it tracked $70,000 worth of clothing sales through the video.