Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Shoppable videos are the most talked-about video format in 2021 digital marketing strategies. This format started to gain popularity as Instagram introduced shoppable images across the platform. This quickly evolved to include shoppable videos with associated shoppable products from the Facebook product catalogue. Most recently this includes livestream shopping which is currently being tested in the US market.

Outside of Instagram, brands are using interactive video platforms like Smartzer to create interactive and shoppable video experiences that can be shared across e-commerce, social platforms and forms of paid media. The interactivity occurs through a clickable overlay that can tag videos with additional information about available products. Smartzer’s platform has an overlay that offers multiple ways for the viewer to explore and shop products to maximize the value of this technology.

1. Tags on the video

The most widespread way of adding interaction is to make products on the video itself interactive and shoppable. This can be both in the form of invisible tags or visual hotspots that mark the clickable items. This provides an easy way for the viewer to simply click on anything that they have been interested in to immediately access more information. This form of interaction is particularly convenient for mobile users and mirrors the expected user behaviour driven by social media channels.

2. Shoppable Carousel

Another unique feature of Smartzer is a shoppable carousel alongside the video. This includes all the items that are featured throughout the video and can be either opened or closed. The viewer can click on anything in the carousel to activate a popup with more information. This is perfect for longer videos, or videos with lots of featured items providing quick and easy navigation.

Photo: Brown Thomas live event with Smartzer shoppable carousel

3. Shoppable Replay Screen

In addition to enabling the interactive overlay during video playback, the shoppable items can also be listed on the video replay screen as another way to shop the video once the video has ended. This provides a great alternative to viewers who prefer to finish watching the video and then explore the related shoppable items.

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