Firstly, what is interactive video?

Brands can create clickable, engaging and immersive content by using an interactive video platform. Creators tag videos with information that the consumer can select to find out information or more detail, they might be able to zoom, spin, swipe and customise videos. These videos are then implemented into e-commerce sites and shared across social media.

Here's an example of Jaguar's partnership with Smartzer for an interactive video campaign on e-commerce:

To make sure your video is as effective as possible you are going to want to market it well.

1. Make sure the content is relevant as possible!

You need to consider what your consumer wants to gain from your video. Include a variety of products that will be popular with your consumer, include all the links to relevant pages, e-commerce, call to actions like 'click here', 'add to basket', 'buy now', 'see more'. Adapt content to suit your brand ethos and focus on creating bold, exciting visuals to draw in potential customers and reduce drop off rate.

2. Consider which content will work best as an interactive video

Do you already have videos that could be tagged to create an interaction video? Or will you need to create a fresh video with interactivity in mind. Interactive video platforms can specialise in a variety of different formats from shoppable videos, 360 degree videos, branching videos, VR videos, livestreams, quizzes, polls and more. So, you will need to think about what format will suit your brands message. All are good at engaging and converting but to optimise metrics it will need to suit your consumer's expectations. Video is a great format for product discovery, including a variety of items will boost conversion and increase click through rate. Above all, make sure content is simple yet effective as easy to understand videos hold consumer attention.

3. Make sure your consumer can find your interactive video!

Where do you want to showcase your interaction video? E-commerce landing pages can be a great destination for interactive videos as interested customers are directed to relevant products in a dynamic and immersive way, encouraging them to make impulse purchases. In fact, adding videos to landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80-86%. Social sharing helps you to reach more consumers than ever before! Social sharing can boost engagement by 62% and click through rate by 27%. Not only this, but it can boost brand popularity. Using shoppable video on social media increases qualified traffic to your e-commerce as users are already aware, informed and interested in what your brand has to offer. The best videos will allow your consumer to make direct purchases from interaction videos, reducing user disconnect from distracting content.

Here's an example of social sharing with MINI and Smartzer:

4. Learn from metrics!

Interactive videos are entirely trackable as every click that occurs within the content can be measured. This means that every stage of the purchase funnel from awareness, discovery, consideration and conversion are clearly tracked. By paying attention to these metrics brands can adapt their content to align with their consumers desires and needs. Relevant video content will help with your SEO and boost your ranking in search engines.

When designing an interaction video focus on creating an experience rather than something that they will simply watch. Interactive video platforms make it easy to create videos that engage, educate and convert.

To learn more about interactive video and how to create your own visit Smartzer's website here.