in 2022 82% of all customer traffic will come from videos.

So, marketers are looking for more cost effective and memorable ways to use video content marketing in their campaign strategies.

By repurposing existing content into shoppable and interactive experiences, brands can engage customers in a hassle free, quick and cheap way.

Why shoppable video works

Shoppable and interactive videos successfully turn viewers into active participants via clickable hotspots. Interactive video platform, Smartzer, places an interactive overlay over existing content to make videos shoppable. Consumers can swipe, click, drag, spin aspects of videos to find out more about a product. Popups show product info as well as calls to actions that encourage conversions, this could be to 'shop now', 'buy now', 'book a test drive' or 'sign up to mailing list'. Brands can add this information via text, images, URLs, product feed, product API's or manually. This format of content marketing can help brands increase engagement by 3-4