Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Video interactivity has the capacity to connect consumers and brands like never before!

In 2021, online shopping has boomed with 1.8 billion people across the globe buying goods on the internet. So, it is unsurprising that brands are constantly looking for better ways to communicate with their customers digitally.

Video interactivity has made it possible for brands and customers to engage in virtual conversations. Consumers are no longer passive viewers in video content marketing, but active participants. As a result, people feel more familiar with brands and trust is built from the comfort of the customers home.

There are several interactive video services that can help brands to build customer relationships. Shoppable video technology allows products to be displayed in a clear and exciting way that gives viewers the confidence to buy. So, here are a couple of formats that can help brands communicate with customers and boost conversions.

1. Conversational Commerce

Conversational commerce is a service that allows customers to speak to brand representatives 24/7 or in real time. An example of an interactive video service that uses conversational commerce is Hero. The platform lets brands set up texting chats and video calls with their customers to discuss products and offer recommendations. By chatting with brand reps, consumers can gain key info on products and build the confidence to buy. This also offers brands the chance to upsell to maximise profits. Hero's shoppable video technology provides a human feel to computer driven bots, allowing customers to give a face to the brand. This personalised experience generates a welcome, community feel. Calls can also be with multiple customers at once. As a result, the interactive video service can engage many people at once to sell multiple products.

2. Shoppable Livestream

Interactive livestream can boost engagement and conversion in a matter of minutes. Hosts stream in real time to sell products to a live virtual audience. Interactive video service, Smartzer helps brands to deliver exciting live shopping events for their customers. Brands upload product links to a player, connect to their chosen streaming platform then broadcast to their audience. Viewers can shop directly from the stream. By livestreaming, hosts can tell their brand story and give their audience a behind the scenes look at their products. This bespoke, one off experience encourages customers to make impulse purchases. A chat bar helps viewers to communicate with hosts by asking questions or simply showing their appreciation. Shoppable livestreams can be initially ticketed events to provide a sense of exclusivity. Following the stream, video content can be repurposed as on-demand shoppable content that supports video interactivity on ecommerce.

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