Smartzer and Inskin have joined forces to take video content marketing to the next level and help brands stand out in a rapidly evolving online world.

Here's everything you need to know about Smartzer, Inskin and their collaboration.....

Introducing Smartzer: the basics

Smartzer's software allows brands to incorporate video interactivity into their video content marketing strategies. Brands can encourage viewer engagement by creating clickable hotspots on their content by tagging an interactive overlay. Viewers will be able to view extra product information, be taken to ecommerce sites, add to basket, sign up to a mailing list and more by clicking or hovering over these hotspots. This information can be added as imagery, text, via URL's, Product API, Product Feed or manually. As a result, the ad becomes an immersive and exciting experience for the viewer, informing them early on in the purchase funnel. These interaction videos shorten the path to purchase and encourage higher click-through-rates increasing conversions by 400%. Smartzer has helped brands like Paco Rabanne, BMW, Missoni and Adidas create impressive interaction videos for campaigns.

Introducing Inskin: the basics

Inskin is a high-impact digital advertising and paid media company with over 200 publishers, delivering campaigns to more than 1,000 premium websites globally. The format, Shoppable Skins, capitalises on the consumer's natural scrolling behaviours by cycling through products as the user consumes content. By integrating product API's, brands can create ads that support a seamless checkout and transactions within the skin. Viewers can also browse through a product gallery and purchase products displayed. Inskin allows brands to create interactive ad experiences that use existing brand content. Inskin's seamless, high-impact campaigns drive 15 x more attention than standard, static image campaigns.

Smartzer X Inskin

The combination of the two platforms creates a subtle and in-offensive ad viewing experience. Interaction videos are memorable and immersive, allowing the consumer to view products, find out information and make a purchase without being redirected from the app or their place in their feed.

The result: Volkswagen Golf video content marketing

Here is the result of Smartzer and Inskin's partnership. Below, the viewer can see how banner ads promote the Volkswagen Golf by surrounding a theoretical website page.

The consumers original scrolling experience remains uninterrupted. However, the interactive banner ad encourages engagement through "discover more" and "click on the video to explore" call-to-actions. The dynamic ad is eye catching and enticing and the interactive element creates a fun, exciting way to find out more information about the product.


The partnership between Smartzer and Inskin resulted in seamless ad formats that are easy to interact with and un-interruptive on website feeds. Views are turned into qualified traffic via tagged product info and clickable links. The ads support "in skin" transactions within the ads, meaning that conversions can be generated by viewers without the need to leave their current webpage.

The format combines easy product access with fun and exciting interactivity to revolutionise the way brands advertise.