Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Interactive video is the next big thing for marketing.

With the global pandemic influencing a lot of businesses and the way they connect with customers, interactive video has provided a handy solution to bridging the gap between the offline and the online. In fact, 70% of marketers say interactive video engages audiences “very well,” and 68% of marketers believe it will continue to become a super important trend in the video industry.

Many consumers trust video more than static images as it provides a detailed view of a product. The engaging, clickable element provides a fun and engaging experience that stays with the consumer. As a result, engagement rates are high, click through rates increase and conversions sky rocket.

So, here is a basic overview of how to make interactive video.

Interactive Video: A Breakdown

Interactive video doesn't have to be difficult. Platforms like Smartzer, allow brands to create immersive, interactive content that engages and converts.

  • Brands can tag videos with products or information via a clickable overlay.

  • Hotspot technology allows consumers to interact by clicking, hovering, scrolling and dragging areas of the video

  • Brands can add products via images, text, URL's, product feeds, product API's or manually.

  • Videos can be imbedded seamlessly onto e-commerce sites and shared across social media

  • Interactive videos can also be used by agencies in banner adds, pre-roll ads etc.

Types of Interactive Video

There are a variety of ways to use interactive video depending on your content. Brands can make new and existing content interactive by choosing the most appropriate format:

  • Videos can be shoppable with hotspots displaying product info and options to buy

  • 360 views might give the user the ability to drag the screen and see in all directions

  • Branching gives users different path options allowing them to customise what they see, experiences can be gamified

  • Data inputs allow users to enter information like name, age etc.

  • Quizzes and polls combine buttons and branching to deliver an assessment and reveal a personalised result at the end of the video

  • Customers can shop live through streaming commerce, watching videos and clicking the products shown to buy in real time.

How Interactive Video Engages

Interactive video can help engage a viewer for 44% longer than linear video. The clickable element immerses the viewer, making them less likely to get distracted. By gamifying the experience the viewer actually enjoys and remembers the brand content. Therefore, the viewer remembers the ad and is encouraged to visit the brands e-commerce site to learn more or make a purchase.

How Interactive Video Informs

By clicking on areas of the video a viewer can instantly find information about the products being shown without leaving the window. Here, products can be demonstrated in a detailed way. 360 degree videos consumers get a realistic view of a product as if seeing it in person. Likewise, with livestreams, viewers see products in real-time, giving them the confidence to buy. This shortens the path to purchase as the consumer is instantly informed about the product early on in the funnel.

How Interactive Video Converts

Compared to standard, interactive video is entirely measurable and converts at a rate of more than 11%. In fact, Smartzer’s interactive video platforms prove that by using these formats to tag videos, brands can increase their conversion rates by 4x their linear rates. Interactive video has enabled stronger analytics. You can track clicks within the video and analyse different paths taken, data inputted etc. Useful call-to-actions like “add to carts” measure the popularity of products and even purchases completed.


There are several platforms available that will show you exactly how to make interactive video. Click here to discover the options!

The exciting, engaging format can successfully convert when it may not be possible to sell in person. In a rapidly advancing digital world, marketers should take advantage of the format to boost sales.