You may have heard of shoppable video, currently the most talked about technology between marketers. However, have you heard of applying it to cookery shows?

55% of people watch videos everyday and 78% of people watch them every week. So, it isn't a shock that gradually, more and more culinary brands are taking advantage of interactive video platforms to incorporate shoppable video into their cooking tutorials. By monetising content and creating an immersive interactive experience, brands can increase engagement and conversion.

Your intro to shoppable video:

If you are new to the concept of shoppable video, here's a quick run down.

Shoppable video is interactive content that can be used across e-commerce or social media platforms. Brands tag videos with product information to encourage video interactivity. Viewers can see varieties of the product, click to find out reviews, pricing, contact info, product details and even add them to a basket to purchase straight from the video. This drives direct and instant sales. Inter