Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Easily build live shoppable videos using Smartzer

As part of our latest product update, we are pleased to announce that it's now possible to make your live streams shoppable using the Smartzer platform 🤩

GIF: Connect the Smartzer Shoppable Livestream to your Instagram Stories

By simply connecting your live stream to the Smartzer player, you can now easily enable customers to browse and purchase items featured in your Livestream while streaming the video Live.

The Smartzer Livestream player can be embedded onto any webpage or launched from any call to action URL on Social. When clicking on items in the carousel, customers can activate a fully customisable pop-up containing all relevant product information and shop each item. Once the stream is complete, it's easy to then convert your video into a fully shoppable video to add to your shoppable video repository onsite. What's more, the stream integrates seamlessly with the Smartzer ecosystem, meaning the player can make the most of each of the Smartzer product features such as multi-market support, product API feed, and add-to-basket integrations.

It's now therefore never been easier to stream live event videos to a broad range of consumers while providing them an easy and simple way of shopping for the items featured.

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