Live selling is the new format leading the content strategies of brands and replacing teleshopping

Live commerce allows brands to sell products through live streams on digital platforms. The method aims to provide consumers with an interactive experience. Many brands are now adding interactivity to their live streams to allow users to purchase products instantly and ask questions to see more details etc. Besides this, live commerce allows people who have similar interests to comment and interact with each other. This provides consumers with a sense of community. Something that is in high demand for customers and might lead a consumer to choose one brand over another.

Live selling encourages a feeling of immediacy. As a result, live commerce encourages impulse purchases, but on a more informed basis as the streams provide the opportunity for consumers to take a closer look at products.

Besides the fact that live selling shows details such as; how a certain lipstick color looks on a tanned face, and how a shoe fits. It also shows confidence from the brand as they are not afraid to showcase the LIVE functionality of their products.

Digging into the current trends at the forefront of this new format, beauty/skincare is the first industry we'll talk about. Brands like Clinique, Estee Lauder, or Too Faced have deep-dived into this new format. In the case of Clinique, they are doing an interactive live stream series to educate their consumers and share knowledge from their in-house experts with them regarding skincare. On the other hand, Estee Lauder has taken a more beauty approach by doing live stream make-up tutorials as well as Too Faced.