"Live streaming shopping events are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways shoppers consume and increase their knowledge of the brands' products..."

Odds are you have watched, been a part of or hosted a live stream in your social media lifetime. Live streaming is gaining massive attention from every brand and company out there, from small businesses to large enterprises. Live shopping events are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways shoppers consume and increase their knowledge of the brands' products

Live streaming shopping content varies from industry to industry, from music to sporting events, fashion, beauty, home decor and increasing streaming within video games and virtual reality.

This phenomenon first became available and popular during the pandemic, when people couldn't go out and shop and were looking into store alternatives. And has since been here to stay.

What are the most popular live-streaming shopping trends?

Fashion: Live shopping is quickly becoming an amazing outlet for discovering and finding new and exciting fashion trends, brands, styling tips and more. Consumers are becoming more and more dependent on videos to give them inspiration, ideas and education about the latest fashion trends. These are usually accessible to consumers via live styling videos, runway shows and more. According to, live shopping accounts for 36% of selling events for apparel and fashion, and it is the most common live commerce category by far. Live shopping videos have become a great outlet for brands to host exclusive product drops, giveaways, and exclusive access for V.I.P clients.


The gaming industry is gaining strong momentum with the rise of Virtual reality gaming, and crypto fashion. According to Reuters, people now care what their virtual avatars are wearing. You are now able to purchase Gucci, Balenciaga, Burberry and many more brands, virtual possessions generate real sales in the Metaverse. This is a great opportunity for brands and artists as one,

to showcase their products, via a live stream shopping session.

Image source: (Balenciaga Joins Fortnite in the Metaverse),

Influencer shopping:

"Shop with me" experiences gain great exposure within the influencer industry and the trend followers. Influencers from different industries are increasing their collaborations with brands that offer products they are interested in. This helps the influencer and the brands show authenticity within the products they are selling and the products the influencers claim to be using.

Retail activations:

Bringing shoppable live streaming experiences to brick&mortar stores is a great way to get physical engagement on top of the virtual engagement. By doing this, the brand will be giving the consumers the experience of walking around the store, which can give them an experience they might not be able to get otherwise (due to location, time, availability, etc.)

Image source: (Smartzer Livestream shopping),

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