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Updated: Feb 12, 2021

During these challenging times, brands around the world have been forced to engage with consumers in a different way, with many adopting a digital-first approach. This is particularly challenging for Luxury brands as providing a special client experience throughout the customer journey is of the utmost importance and for many, it is the foundation on which their success has been built on. Luckily, there are ways in which Luxury brands can address these challenges online and deliver unique customer experiences that our clients are exploring today.

As part of their E-workshop series, LVMH invited Smartzer interactive video platform and Hapticmedia to share how luxury brands can provide the experience their customers normally have in their retail stores into online channels. Both companies have been part of the prestigious LVMH La Maison Des Startups program.

The webinar covered the following topics:

- Introduction to LVMH innovation ecosystem & importance of making consumers feel special

- Smartzer: Utilizing interactive video technology to engage consumers online via video ecommerce and shoppable video

  • Desktop experiences onsite: How to use the interactive video platform to tag videos in order to turn simple video assets into interactive video experiences.

  • Mobile experiences onsite: With an increase in time spent on mobile devices and the more challenging navigation, providing an interactive video experience that is optimised for mobile devices is critical.

  • Shoppable Instagram Stories: Consumers are spending a lot of time on social media, especially on Instagram Stories. Smartzer’s technology can be used to make the stories shoppable and interactive.

  • Newsletter interactive video: Email is a powerful way to communicate with customers - adding in interactive videos will make the experience feel more special and drive higher engagement.

  • Turning campaign images into interactive experiences: The COVID-19 situation has created many challenges around creating content. Smartzer now also enables shoppable images to provide more flexibility with content.

- Hapticmedia: Creating 3D immersive experiences online to recreate the emotion between the product and the consumer. Enabling users to experience products and personalise them through a 3D experience drives increased engagement and conversions online.

View the webinar here:

Since joining the LVMH La Maison Des Startups it has always been a privilege to be part of such a valuable network and we give special thanks to the Station F team for having us present when it matters most.

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