• Katie Kerr


Timeless fashion brand, Mackintosh seamlessly incorporates shoppable video technology to stay ahead of the game this season.

By partnering with Smartzer's interactive video platform, Mackintosh created an easily shoppable and interactive look video. Viewers could click the model to view all the items in the specific look. With more and more brands upping their online presence, shoppable video has proven to boost engagement rates and revenue.


Mackintosh uses brand new shoppable technology to make a classic, sleek and stylish menswear video. Smartzer's interactive video platform added a clickable overlay to the video content for viewers to interact with to buy pieces from the look. The male model effortlessly displays the clothing to give the audience a clear view of the products. The aim was to boost customer confidence to encourage them to buy online.


The interactive video experience resulted in the following:

  • Frictionless landing page integration for easy product discovery

  • Clickable overlay with product hotspots

  • Shoppable product carousel for viewers to browse as the video plays

  • Replay screen with shoppable carousel to give viewers another chance to buy

  • 'Click to explore' CTA to notify customers that the video is clickable

  • Dynamic video content that effectively displays the products

See the live video on Mackintosh's Ecommerce here!


Using shoppable video to introduce site visitors to your product doesn't have to be complicated. You don't need to show loads of looks to create an effective interactive video, Mackintosh proves that sometimes less is more. The brand surprises customers with a refreshing shopping experience that allows them to discover gorgeous new products.

If you want to learn more about creating shoppable video, visit Smartzer's website here!