Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Magiclaze teamed up with Smartzer to deliver an exciting and completely shoppable livestream!

Following in the footsteps of Chinese brands, the German fashion brand wanted to deliver a completely new shopping experience for their customers. So using Smartzer's livestream shopping app, they were able broadcast and sell in real-time!

Magiclaze sells a variety of stylish products from hoodies, sweatshirts, beaded jewellery to handbags. By demonstrating them using live video shopping technology, their viewers had a complete, detailed understanding of the products which gave them the confidence to buy!


The brand used Smartzer's interactive video app to upload the products they wanted to display. This was done manually via SKU. They were able to build a shoppable carousel alongside the stream for viewers to click and browse alongside the broadcast. Magiclaze then connected the player to their chosen streaming app using the RTMP link and stream key. The hosts then went live to display their products to customers online. Viewers could communicate by sending messages in the chat bar which provided a community feel.

Watch the video stream below!


Magiclaze created a dynamic, engaging and informative live interactive video experience. The hosts were able to demonstrate products clearly encouraging viewers to buy. The video was a success and resulted in the following feature functions:

  • The stream featured a chat room for their customers to interact with hosts

  • Shoppable carousel allowed viewers to browse a variety of products without disturbing the stream

  • clickable popups allowed customers to shop live by adding products to their basket for purchase

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Creating interactive video was made easy with Smartzer's app. Viewers could actively engage and make impulse purchases as a result of the one-off event. This made live shopping extremely exciting and memorable.

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