Updated: Feb 18, 2021

This week Smartzer was happy to attend Tech London Advocates (TLA) Retail's “Making the Case for In-Store Tech” hosted at Accenture, here in London.

E-commerce has definitely changed the face of brick-and-mortar retailing. Most high street brands have invested heavily in online but haven’t put much effort into digitalizing the in-store experience. According to Accenture, better in-store technology is topping the request list of store managers, so there is definitely a case for making this a priority.

Accenture’s Cande Cooper and Rob Barnes began with the presentation ‘Retail with Purpose’ and discussed how all retailers are striving to provide their customers a superior experience. What used to work in the past, doesn’t work anymore. People want an expert in what they are looking to buy and are willing to pay for the experience, because in this fast-paced world it is important to make the moments matter.