Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Photo: from Google

Online shopping has taken over the market in recent years. How to make the most out of the online experience is one of the top priorities for brands now that offering in-person experiences seems impossible in some places and will be for the coming future due to the current global pandemic situation.

Growth of video

Video content marketing has taken over the web to make the online shopping experience more personal, easy, interactive, and exciting. From tutorials, reels, and IGTV to interactive videos and Livestream shopping, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the way video can help improve e-commerce performance and enhance the experience for customers from the safety and comfort of their houses. As we dive deeper into using content as a sales strategy we will continue to see more and more ways to sell through video and to use it as a key element in marketing.

By 2021 we are expected to consume an amount of video content bigger than ever before, and by 2025 76% of mobile traffic will be video (link to reference here). Every platform will contain video, from social media to brands' own websites and most of this content will be consumed from a mobile device. This means that video content should be both mobile-friendly and adaptable to any social media platform.

Video eCommerce

The side-by-side growth of the use of video and e-commerce creates a huge opportunity for generating a seamless link between the two creating a new form of online shopping: video e-commerce.

Like Rose Tsou, Head of eCommerce and International at Verizon Media explained: ‘It’s about bringing commerce and content closer together’, and some even think that by the end of 2021 the line separating these two might blur further. (reference link here)

The ‘new normal’ of e-commerce will definitely involve video content’.

Shopping and entertainment or “Shopatainment” will go hand in hand, and it’s something brands should look out for if they want to attract younger social media consumers. Even older generations immerse in the e-commerce world as a result of the global situation that has driven almost every business into web platforms. It’s as easy to understand as Connie Chan and Avery Segal explained it ‘Think of them as compulsively watchable commercials-with a direct link to buy’, that’s something we all want to be a part of. (reference link here)

Video content is the topic of today and will remain so for the future. It allows the consumer to be more involved in the product and to interact in a more organic way with the brands. Shoppable and interactive videos are the next big thing for every brand to focus on if they want to increase their e-commerce sales.

Platforms including Smartzer offer an easy way for brands to transform their regular videos into seamless interactive and shoppable experiences. These interactive videos can adapt to any e-commerce or social media platform. Smartzer also offers livestream shopping format as a highly relevant form of shoppable video.

Interactive video enables brands to provide an entertaining experience for consumers introducing them to the content in a seamless way.

Example of a Smartzer shoppable video from Zimmermann: