Oroton brings their resort collection to life with a beautiful example of shoppable video on their site landing page.

Australian luxury brand, Oroton, used Smartzer's interactive video platform to elevate their home page with dynamic and clickable content. The refreshingly vibrant video embraces the colours of summer through crisp whites and sunshine yellows. The viewer cannot help but feel completely engaged by the interactive content and compelled to explore the products.


Oroton seamlessly embedded shoppable video onto their landing page using Smartzer's platform. The video featured clickable hotspots tagged with product information. Viewers could click to choose their size and add it straight to their bag without leaving the video. The bespoke player was customised to match the Oroton branding, reflecting the sleek, clean styles of the Ecommerce site. At the end of the video, viewers were encouraged to hit replay and could scroll through all of the featured products to shop one more time.


By using video interactivity, Oroton was able to create a video that resulted in the following:

  • Clickable overlay with product hotspots

  • Group popup with look images and multiple products

  • Size option drop down with "add to bag" functionality

  • Shoppable side carousel with all of the featured looks

  • Seamless landing page integration

  • Bespoke player design

  • API connection with up to date stock information

  • Replay screen with shoppable end carousel

Watch the video live.


Using shoppable video formats on Ecommerce can take your landing page to the next level. Clickable content draws in the viewer holding their attention for longer than standard video, reducing user drop off. The direct links to product pages and CTAs to add to cart move the viewer quickly down the purchase funnel to make a purchase. Using these interactive videos on web pages turn uninformed site visitors into qualified traffic turning considerations into conversions.