Promod teams up with Smartzer to show customers why red and violet are a winning duo with their stunning new shoppable collection video.

Promod has recruited Spanish influencer, Nicole Bernardes to demonstrate the latest colour trends for spring and summer.

If you have been looking for your next colour obsession, look no further! Red and purple are in and expected to be a hit with fashionistas this spring. Via an interactive and shoppable video, Bernardes shows women how to style the refreshing colour combo with Latin vibes.

By clicking on the looks the viewer can explore a variety of clothing products and accessories and add them to their cart. As a result, customers can see garments in a dynamic way that replicates real-life modelling.

The informative, immersive shoppable video provides the viewer with all the information they need to feel confident enough to buy! Fashion forward influencer Nicole Bernardes promotes the collection beautifully and shows customers how to stay on top of trends.


Promod revisited Smartzer's interactive video platform to tag their video with product links and make it shoppable!

Using Smartzer's Product Import feature, the brand was able to tag a clickable overlay. Smartzer then helped integrate the interactive video seamlessly onto Promod's campaign landing page, customising it to match the brands onsite style.

Now, site visitors can click on the products tagged in the video to display a group pop-up for the outfit that they can "add to cart" by clicking the call-to-action. The video then pauses and user is then directed to the product page in a separate window to find sizing, colour and general product information. The viewer can then add the product to their cart and make a purchase.

Explore the campaign here!


The vivid, refreshing and exciting interactive video featured the following to succeed at grabbing customer attention and driving them further down the purchase funnel:

  • Clickable hotspots on an interactive overlay

  • Up to date product information tagged via Smartzer's Product Import

  • Group pop up

  • Shoppable, browsable side bar

  • "Add to cart" functionality

  • Seamless landing page integration


Promod proves that using an interactive video platform like Smartzer can boost your landing page popularity as well as brand engagement and conversion rates. With help from Nicole Bernardes, customers can feel confident to wear bold new colour trends.

To find out more about shoppable video and interactive video visit Smartzer's website here!