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What is Shoppable Video?

A shoppable video is an interactive format that contains clickable products and links to brands ecommerce. The viewer can then learn more about products or make a purchase. Some formats allow viewers to purchase directly from the video. This moves the consumer from discovery to purchase in seconds.

Types of Shoppable Video

Clickable Video

This type of video is typically seen across social media. It is designed for delivering information quickly and encouraging conversions. Videos are typically in short form with a few products shown. Interactivity is supported through product carousels or call-to-actions. These videos can also be integrated into ecommerce sites with the option to add product feeds and pricing details. The clickable overlay may allow the viewer to add products to a cart or make a direct purchase. 35% of brands using clickable, shoppable video have seen an increase in conversion rates.

Deep Content Video

These interaction videos feature chapter menus, questions and polls and resource links. They are focussed on providing information and analysing viewer preferences. So, deep content videos can typically be catered to the viewers tastes.

Immersive Video

These are focussed on immersing the viewer in a video experience. This could be via a choose your own adventure narrative or a 360 degree video scenario. For example, a consumer might be able to click around a 360 degree shoppable show room or investigate the interior of a car. They are likely to include a call-to-action so consumers can 'shop now' or 'book a test drive'.

Livestream shopping

Livestream shopping videos allow viewers to join virtual, real-time video events and purchase the products being shown. Interactive video platform, Smartzer, helps brands to go live by allowing them to integrate their player into the Demandware API and pull up to date product information into the editor to be showcased alongside the live stream. Viewers can then select products shown in a carousel to add to their basket and purchase without leaving the stream. Often in livestreams, viewers can chat with brands, providing a personal and community feel to shoppable video. Livestreamed commerce is expected to account for a fifth of all e-commerce sales in China in 2021.

Key Considerations

So you want to use shoppable video? Here are some of the key things to consider before choosing the perfect type for your content.


Firstly, brands need to think about their audience and how they will want to receive the shoppable video. Does the content need to be informative, entertaining or both? To be able to appeal to the correct audience, brands need to consider who would be looking for their product and how they would want to come across it.


Could existing strategies be implemented into shoppable video formats? This could save marketers a lot of time and money. However, it is important to consider the size and length of the content for campaign optimisation and whether consumers will respond to it. Coming up with ad specifications and choosing the right shoppable format from a CPM and audience perspective is important to maximise impact.


Is it possible to make existing content shoppable? Recycling existing media into interaction videos can also be a time and money saver. Content should be carefully designed and laid out according to chosen platforms. Carefully chosen, tailored designs will engage more consumers and encourage conversions.

Social media platforms are doing their bit to support shoppable video...

Instagram and Facebook have introduced Marketplace and Livestream. Even TikTok is catching up, supporting a variety of shoppable video formats such as interactive in feed ads, livestreams and more. YouTube and Amazon also feature in-house live shopping experiences for consumers. As a result, the pressure is on for brands to seize the opportunities offered by interaction videos.

Here are some examples of how brands have used shoppable video..


The Smartzer custom interactive overlay was used to combine existing MINI Countryman Campaign assets, creating a standalone interactive experience that effortlessly blended with the onsite and Social environments. The interactive player was then placed as a call-to-action URL within the Facebook ads manager on a range of different ad sets and campaigns. Alongside a smart media plan orchestrated by the team at Wavemaker UK the ads were run across the Facebook ad network, for audiences to find and engage with. While interacting with the video, users were able to discover the range of different new features on the car and click-through to the MINI Countryman landing page.


In December 2020, Walmart and TikTok joined forces to create a shoppable livestream. Overcoming obstacles put in place by the global pandemic, influencers demonstrated their favourite Walmart fashion pieces. Viewers could buy the products by clicking pop up pins and adding them to their cart. A mobile check out would appear at the end of the stream for viewers to complete purchases. The livestream shopping experience created excitement among fans and generated a sense of urgency that encouraged viewers to buy products instantly. The real-time stream replicated the benefits of in-person events online to a community of fashion fans.