Updated: Feb 12, 2021

In early December 2020, Startup Inside group, a leading ecosystem of experts in Open innovation in France hosted, AI for Luxury and Creativity. Alongside Karoline Gross (Smartzer Founder & CEO), speakers included Ian Rogers (Chief Digital Officer of LVMH), Tatiana Dupond (Head of Luxury at Linkedin), Luc Julia (CTO and Senior VP of Innovation at Samsung), and Stephane Spinella (Director of Retail and CPG at Google Cloud), each discussing the role of artificial intelligence in the luxury and creative sectors today and developments in this area in the future.

Smartzer’s founder Karoline Gross had the opportunity to talk about Smartzer’s plans when it comes to using AI in our product offering and sharing more about the way we use data currently.

‘A huge part of making data useful is to turn it into something actionable’ said Karoline Gross, while talking about how Smartzer obtains large amounts of user interaction data from the interactive and shoppable videos, and how this data is processed and converted into useful and focused insights. This is split into the ability to understand key performance metrics as well as using the data to make creative decisions to adapt the user experience to the interactive overlay as well as the video content itself to drive increased interaction.

To create experiences that are personalized for each brand is highly important when working with luxury brands. A lot of the creative decisions for designing an interactive experience are supported by interaction data. As we build a larger database of interaction data combined with the user experience of the interactive videos, there is future potential to use AI to automate the process of personalising the video viewing experience for each customer based on how they interact with content online.

Bringing AI into creativity is a growing trend in the luxury sector. According to Ian Rogers, one of their main goals is to combine technology with creativity: ‘The strategy of adding operational efficiency to creativity’.

AI is playing an important role in all industries Rogers explained as he challenged Damien Gromier, CEO of Startup Inside and host of the conference, to live a day without using AI, naming some everyday tools like Google maps, which already use AI in some way in their platforms. It’s no longer a talk about the future, it’s now.

Luxury brands are all about exclusivity and privacy. These days, customers trust their favourite brands with a whole wealth of personal information, however, customers share that information with the confidence that their data is private and protected. When it comes to personalisation, it’s also vital for brands to adhere to agreed privacy policies and use their customer's information with respect. Therefore it’s important for brands to use data and AI in a customer-first mindset. With this approach, the brands themselves can become more intelligent, while also adding value to the customer throughout their consumer journey.

‘Creativity should lead the way and AI should be there to support it’ said Rogers while talking about what’s the future for AI and creative businesses, a combination of human creativity and AI to make more intelligent choices, improve the business and add value to the customer’s experience.

As we move forward we will be able to see AI involved in more and more aspects of our lives, and we are excited about the future opportunities to apply this to the work we do at Smartzer.

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