Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, for most businesses, online sales have been the lead source of revenue for the past months. To try and help, Smartzer offered up free access to the Smartzer platform to small businesses in need to help drive additional sales through digital channels.

As part of the initiative Smartzer started to collaborate with HANX.

About HANX:

Founded in 2017 by best friends, Dr. Sarah Welsh and Farah Kabir, HANX make sexual wellness products designed with people’s wellbeing in mind. Their latex condoms are vegan, ultra-thin, and clean scented and HANX lubricant is long-lasting, natural, and is compatible with condoms and sex toys. Even better, they’re free of unnecessary chemicals, so they’re kinder to your body and the planet.

The team at HANX & their Performance Marketing Team @ Regital had been using Social Media campaigns to help drive sales via their e-commerce site over the past couple of years and were looking for new ways of picking up sales over a particularly unpredictable period. To aid their efforts over lock-down in the UK, the team at Smartzer and HANX got together and ideated around how the technology could be best used to support their campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. After reviewing the available materials the Smartzer MINI Page came up trumps as a useful way of enhancing results by reducing bounce rates and offering users a fully custom mini landing page to browse each item in the collection.

Having run the campaign over a few months the team has been thrilled to report an increase in conversions on the product pages featured. Following the campaign, the teams are looking to further utilise Smartzer technology for interactive video in particular, once the appropriate content becomes available.

Until then, it has been a pleasure working with HANX and Regital on this project and we are excited to see what is still to come!