Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Having been announced as a finalist for the Digital Innovation Award at Drapers Digital this year, we were thrilled to attend the event held in London this week. Our In-Store work with Harvey Nichols received a lot of positive attention as we presented it to the Judging Panel made up of industry experts including Chioma Anokuru, Head of Digital Commerce at ASOS.

(Karoline Gross, Smartzer CEO and Founder, presenting to the judges)

Our presentation emphasised the importance of relevance and simplicity for retailers when facing dwindling footfall in store:


Smartzer x Harvey Nichols - How retailers can embrace in-store innovation through relevancy and simplicity

By evaluating how customers interact in store, retailers have plenty of scope to embrace new approaches and technologies that can enhance the in-store experience. Apple has been leading the way with its successful ‘Town Squares’ approach which relies on providing further reasons/events for people to come into their shop and visit. However, not every shop has as much physical space to give up. Technology can offer a solution to this issue.

In late 2018, Smartzer and Harvey Nichols teamed up to create our own in-store innovation through the use of our Smartzer interactive player. Shoppers could use the touch screens to shop the promotional in-store videos. This solution provided a better way for the store to advertise to their consumers at POS and also inform shoppers about any particular product they were interested in in an engaging way. The technology used was un-intrusive, aesthetic and highly responsive. This met the needs of their customer base, providing product details and advice about desired, luxury items.

Smartzer's successful partnership with Harvey Nichols repurposed an existing piece of technological content into a completely new experience at minimal extra cost, simple to implement and relevant to their customer base.


The Digital Innovation Award was won by Harrods for their in-store navigation tool. We pass our congratulations to the Harrods team and we hope to continue to be involved with Drapers Digital Awards for years to come.