The future of beauty; reinvented by science and technology thanks to 9 start-ups who are providing cutting edge services in the respective fields.

The L'Oreal Beauty Tech Atelier is an accelerator program run by L'Oreal in partnership with HEC at Station F in Paris. Running across 6 months, the program is designed to accelerate the growth of startups across E-commerce services, Tech for Good and Web 3 categories. The program was started in 2018 has supported 57 companies so far!

The program is not only designed to support up and coming start ups, but also will help the L'Oréal brands innovate their own offerings and provide their customers with the best technology and science available globally. The company recognises the importance of satiating ever-changing consumer demands and behaviours, and how the most innovative, agile and creative start ups can aid this development.

By outsourcing their technology and investing in the best tools out there, the company and brand subsidiaries are able to focus their resources on developing new products, understanding their consumers better, and staying ahead of their competitors by constantly reevaluating the commercial landscape.

We are very proud that Smartzer was selected as one of the 9 chosen start ups from a large number of applicants from across the globe. Shoppable technology is becoming increasingly important for brands to implement, as customers demand more from video content, they want to be able to directly shop from video content, as well as learn and interact with it. These frictionless, interactive, educational and authentic formats are revolutionising the way we shop!

Shoppable Video

Shoppable video is a fantastic format for transforming video content into interactive & shoppable digital experiences. Brands can take campaign videos, runway shows, ad campaigns, repurposed influencer content, styling videos, educational pieces and add an interactive overlay that allows customers to click on hotspots to discover featured products and add to cart directly from the video.

Brands can add custom tags that highlight specific features of a product. For beauty brands, they can easily tag up tutorials with specific products so that customers can easily discover & purchase. The possibilities are endless with shoppable video!

Click on the image to explore Und Gretel's shoppable beauty tutorial, powered by Smartzer!

Live Shopping

Live commerce, having originated in the East, has become a global phenomenom - with global brands such as Levi’s, Macy’s, Samsung, Aldo, Sephora, Walmart, Forever 21, Very UK and Charlotte Tilbury all implementing the format in some form or another, hosting various shoppable events throughout the past year.

The format allows brands to host curated, premium and authentic experiences for their customers, and has been hailed as the next best thing to being able to experience a product in store. Furthermore, some brands have even began to live stream from stores (sometimes with influencers), or other offline events, allowing customers from around the world to tune in and experience these events digitally. The offline and online worlds are no longer mutually exclusive thanks to live shopping- and brands can get as creative as they want! The products are brought to life in an authentic, entertaining and interactive manner.

Click image to explore Very UK's live shopping event, powered by Smartzer.

Smartzer offer brands around the world access to our cutting edge, easy to use & scaleable Saas tool so that they can transform their video & live content into shoppable & interactive experiences, both DTC, B2B and internal training. Click here to book in a demo!