Smartzer's new partnership with Chalhoub's The Greenhouse is helping to propel shoppable tech innovation in the Middle East.

Smartzer recently participated in The Greenhouse’s first beauty and fashion incubator program. The Greenhouse, Chalhoub Group’s innovation space offers a unique retail tech-accelerator program focussed on accelerating technology-driven solutions and catering towards fast-growing retail startups.

Smartzer's interactive video platform was one of the 5 startups selected to participate in this equity-free accelerator program. The startups were matched with corporate sponsors across the Group to implement proof of concepts with the goal of signing commercial agreements down the line.

The proof of concept for Smartzer was executed with Level Shoes and presented last month during The Greenhouse DEMO DAY to senior management and leaders of the organisation, including Patrick Chalhoub. The brand’s goal was to turn their content into a highly engaging shoppable format that enabled easy product discovery for consumers and shortened the path to purchase.

The interactive video campaign was structured as a series of 4 videos called “What are Those” and featured an influencer who talked through a range of products in 7 minute shoppable videos. The videos were made shoppable with Smartzer so that viewers could click on the products and instantly see the product details with CTA links to each Level Shoes PDP.

The shoppable video campaign saw very high levels of Engagement, averaging around 70% (compared to normal benchmark of 30–40%). In addition to this, Click-through rate was high at 11% (compared to benchmark 9%).

Based on these strong initial results, there is a lot of opportunity to scale up the use of the Smartzer interactive video platform. For example, live shopping events for exclusive product launches could drive impulse purchases, Level Shoes could make all video content shoppable and push a 360 communication plan across social media, CRM, influencer marketing, messaging and more. Stay tuned for the next chapter.