The Luxury Retailer Used Smartzer's Interactive Video Platform to Create a Stunning Campaign Video for the Hottest AW21 Drops From Top Brands.

With Autumn upon us, Brown Thomas used the beauty of shoppable video to direct customers towards fresh, on-trend luxury styles for the new season. The luxury retailer has used Smartzer's interactive video platform plenty of times in the past, demonstrating exactly why brands should learn from their shoppable examples.


The immersive campaign video follows a variety of models across the coast and countryside wearing the sleekest pieces from top designer brands. Viewers could click the video to bring up shoppable popups with multiple products featured in the models look. The customer could then click through to the product page to 'Shop Now'. The shoppable, browsable side carousel allows viewers to scroll through all the featured products without pausing the video. This content quickly introduces the viewer to new items and pushes them quickly down the path to purchase via direct links.


Brown Thomas used video interactivity to create a video that resulted in the following features:

  • Interactive video overlay with clickable product hotspots

  • Group popup with look images and links to all of the featured products

  • Shoppable side carousel with all of the featured looks

  • CTA image cue to notify the viewer that the video is shoppable

  • Replay screen with shoppable carousel to give the viewer a final chance to buy

  • Seamless landing page integration matching the style and font of the Brown Thomas website


Using an interactive video on an Ecommerce landing page can elevate the customers shopping experience. The direct links to products makes it easy to discover new items and add them straight to the bag. The dynamic, 360 degree format of video means that the viewer can see the pieces in action to get a clear view of how they may look in real life. As a result, interactive video content can give customers the confidence to buy.