Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Fifty of the UK's breakthrough businesses and projects harnessing creativity and technology are featured in Createch's "Ones to Watch" report. Published at the Createch 2019 conference, the report was a part of London Technology week.

Smartzer has also been included in the list for their interactive video platform. Featuring shoppable video, livestream shopping videos and clickable images, Smartzer seeks to connect brands with this rapidly developing aspect of video content marketing.

"Ones to Watch" showcases 50 UK-based projects praised by experts for delivering new products, services, and experiences in the fields of Immersive Entertainment; Transformative Experience; Seamless Service and Personalised Tools.

Widely regarded as the world's leading tech conference, Createch 2019 marked its third year. The conference explores various topics including the global ecosystem of businesses, blending creativity and tech to create new products, services and experiences.

The Createch conference 2019 was hosted by Creative Industries Council (CIC), a joint forum between the creative industries and government. With this, the government and industry can work together to bring great creative stories from the UK to the world.

Furthermore, they focus on areas where there are barriers to growth facing the sector. For example, access to finance, skills, export markets, regulation, intellectual property (IP), diversity, and infrastructure.

Tim Davie CBE - Creative Industries Council & CEO BBC Studios

CIC Co-Chair and BBC Studios CEO Tim Davie said: ‘The UK is world class for brilliant creative talent and technological expertise and Createch 2019 is an exciting opportunity to explore the boundless possibilities presented by the interaction of the two sectors.

Davie writes: "If now is the right time to look at Createch opportunities for your organisation, we believe the UK is the right place to bring those opportunities to market - and from there to the world."

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