Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Lil Milan used Smartzer’s Shopify app to create a shoppable live stream event that engaged the audience like never before

Lil Milan’s summer collection was brought to life via shoppable live stream, courtesy of Smartzer, hosted by the brand’s founder.


Lil Milan collaborated with Smartzer to deliver a beautifully shoppable, interactive and immersive live stream event to celebrate their summer collection. The live shopping event was hosted by the brand’s founder who was talking through each of the pieces of the new collection.

The live stream was shared on a dedicated page on the Lil Milan Shopify store. As the live stream was happening, customers were able to see details for all of the featured items and to shop directly from the video thanks to the instant Add to Cart functionality, made possible through the Smartzer Shopify App. All shoppable items were also presented at the end of the live stream for a further opportunity to shop the collection.

The live stream was also repurposed as a shoppable video after the live stream event. This was shared via the brand's Instagram account via swipe ups on a story (see video below). This shoppable video offered a great opportunity to replay the live stream and to engage audiences that missed the live event in an instantly shoppable format.


The live stream video features a variety of shoppable & interactive aspects:

  • Live shopping event hosted on the brand’s Shopify Store

  • Instant Add to Cart function

  • Real time product features with instant Add to Cart

  • Clickable carousel featuring all shoppable items from the live stream

  • Social sharing via Instagram Stories

  • Shoppable video replay of the live shopping event


Lil Milan beautifully demonstrated the power of live stream shopping, and how it can create a unique, personal and bespoke customer experience. This was also a great example of how the brand’s team can get involved in the selling process, which is an inexpensive way to create an authentic connection with the audience and to relay detailed product information. The event was a great way of demonstrating how to style, layer and pair the jewellery- it brought the products to life!

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