See the most gorgeous jewellery trends with Marina B's luxury shoppable content using Smartzer interactive video on Shopify.

Marina B boosted their video content marketing content with interactive and shoppable formats. Explore and entire collection in seconds by pressing play and tapping the screen to view product details. The brand creatively used video interactivity on their Ecommerce landing page to turn site visitors into qualified traffic by introducing them to a variety of products and information.


The video seamlessly shows off a variety of styles as a model picks up and models the jewellery. By featuring multiple pieces the video introduces the viewer to their perfect accessory. The viewer can click product hotspots to view more details like pricing and add the jewellery straight to their bag. Consumers can also browse the shoppable carousel to the left hand side of the video to see all the items as the video continues to play.


By using Smartzer's interactive video platform on Shopify, Marina B was able to create a video that featured the following:

  • Clickable, interactive overlay tagged with product information

  • Single pop-up displaying jewellery image, name pricing, 'add to bag' CTA and 'discover more' link to product display page

  • Shoppable carousel containing all the featured pieces

  • Replay screen giving the viewer the chance to reconsider products and replay the video

  • Add to cart integration for easy, quick purchases

  • Seamless landing page integration

  • 'Click to explore' call to action to notify the viewer that the video is shoppable

Check out the video live on Marina B's website here!


Shoppable video can work for a variety of different products, especially jewellery. Marina B effortlessly shows off multiple pieces from a beautifully ornate collection to introduce and educate their customer in a matter of seconds. By using video interactivity, jewellery brands can massively increase customer engagement. Seeing products through the format of video is far more informative than static imagery and with the additional click, customers can feel encouraged and confident enough to commit to the purchase.

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