Smartzer x River Group

New industry leading partnership between The River Group and Smartzer

will step-change how brands adopt shoppable video content

With up to 20% of all global ecommerce sales expected to be driven by live shopping by 2026 integrated marketing agency, The River Group, and interactive video platform, Smartzer, have agreed a strategic partnership to make it easier for brands to capitalise on this new online shopping format and deliver commercial gains.

The River Group's expertise in content creation combined with Smartzer's state of the art shoppable video platform brings a new premium offering to the market, allowing brands to supercharge their e-commerce sites and digital communication through this new highly impactful format. The partnership will deliver a full end-to-end solution for brands to engage their customers with shoppable videos and live shopping events, resulting in greater commercial returns.

The unique partnership gives brands the opportunity to purchase the Smartzer platform alongside all the content they will need as part of an effective ROI driven campaign, created by The River Group.

Akhil Suchak, Group Digital Director River Group said “We’re really excited to be partnering with Smartzer to help brands all over the world create an engaging, content solution with powerful ROI metrics built in. It has the ability to turn people from passive brand viewers into active brand engagers. The collaboration fits perfectly with The River Group’s expertise in creativity and our love of innovation.”

Karoline Gross, CEO Smartzer “ To date, our customers have seen up to 4x increased conversion rate when their consumers interact with videos, in comparison to browsing based shopping on e-commerce sites. This new partnership with The River Group will enable us to offer a complete solution for our clients to supercharge their online presence through video shopping ”.


Ref. McKinsey, 2021

The River Group

Akhil Suchak



Karoline Gross