Consumer expectations have grown. Especially with regard to eCommerce.

The most important factor for online shoppers isn‘t the price, other factors - like website design and being able to shop the exact look on the model in the ad, they just saw on Instagram, simply by clicking into the video - often surpass price in importance.

The reason ? Online shoppers want an easy & quick shopping experience.

Smartzer, making online videos interactive & shoppable allowing brands to monetise video content on-site, in out-stream video ads and social, attended this years VivaTech, dedicated to innovation and startups in Paris.

From left to right: Ian Rogers (CDO LVMH), in the middle our CEO, Karoline Gross & Laudomia Pucci (Image Director of Emilio Pucci)

Our Founder & CEO Karoline, was joined by the Social Media and Digital Communication Manager at Pucci to discuss the implementation of interactive and shoppable video experiences across the House’s e-commerce site, Instagram campaigns, and point-of-sale touchscreens.

Integrating digital tech, to stand out for in-store experience and making in-store-shopping more enjoyable.

Digital technology is also integral to the customer experience, therefore we created a Pop-up touchscreen to showcase our collaboration with Emilio Pucci.

We placed the touchscreen at the LVMH pavillion for people to be able to interact with the touch screen and displaying the shoppable video of the new Emilio Pucci collection made by Smartzer.

Furthermore, the large tablets can also being used to allow shoppers, to search products, & browse through online shops. Meanwhile, QR codes are assigned to each product in-store, allowing customers to easily find (and buy) what they see online. 

Overall, the aim is to act as a middleman between offline and online, enabling the retailer to build a deeper and more personalised relationship with customers.

LVMH's beautiful pavillon where we presented our collaboration with Emilio Pucci




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