Updated: Jun 1, 2021

A handy summary of interactive video and how to use it to its full potential

Interactive videos are basically digital formats that support user involvement! The consumer is no longer a passive viewer to video content marketing, but plays a role, controlling aspects of the video by clicking interactive hotspots. This passes over control to the consumer and provides them with a personalised, bespoke experience that not only educates them about your product, but immerses and engages them in your content. New and existing customers will remember this format!

Learning how to make interactive video is not as hard as it sounds! Interactive video platforms can make it super easy to incorporate the format into video content marketing strategies. Smartzer provides brands with a customisable player that helps them to add product tags to pre-existing videos to make them interactive. They add an interactive overlay to the content where information can be added via URL's, Product Feed, Product API's, images, text or manually.

Interactive videos are incredibly popular with consumers with viewers more likely to watch from start to finish. In fact, viewers are 44% more likely to watch a whole interactive video than a standard, flat video. Add-to-cart integrations mean that users can shop directly from video content, reducing the length of the purchase funnel and monetising your content!

So what kinds of interactive video are out there and what are your options?

It is important to consider which format will work for you and your consumer. It is possible to make pre-existing video content interactive to save money. However, often, creating specific videos with interactivity in mind can be the best option for effective video content marketing. So here's a quick guide to different interactive video formats:

1. Branching

Branching videos provide your consumer with a customisable, journey like experience. Users have different path options that gamify the video and immerse the consumer.

2. Shoppable Video

Customers can click on hotspots to find out product info, display group pop ups with options to add to basket, buy now and save for later. These monetised videos are great at generating conversions quickly.

3. 360 Views

Provide users with a virtual reality to explore. 360 views allow the consumer to spin, drag, zoom and see in all directions.

4. Quizzes and Polls

Quizzes and polls combine buttons and branching to deliver an assessment and reveal a personalised result for the viewer. This gives a key insight into the mind of your consumer and provides strong metrics.

5. Livestream Videos

Streaming commerce formats allow your consumer to connect with your brand live, in real-time. Viewers can shop live, adding products demonstrated to their basket and communicating with stream hosts in a chat room.

Every action that a viewer makes in an interactive video is trackable. That means brands can clearly see how their consumer behaves at every stage of the purchase funnel from awareness, discovery, consideration to conversion. Using an interactive video platform to create your content can boost conversion rates by 400%! Additionally, using video in content marketing strategy allows marketers to get 66% more qualified leads per year and can achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness. Sharing to social media and using video interactivity on e-commerce landing pages can hold your consumers attention and boost brand popularity even more.

So, with all these exciting and effective formats, brands should consider taking the plunge into interactive video.

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