Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Almost 50% of people state “my products won’t look the same when they arrive” as their biggest concern when shopping online.

Brands are constantly looking for ways to maximise their marketing strategies to solve this online, in-person disconnect. It seems that in 2021, the answer lies within interactive video.

There are so many benefits to using the format in video content marketing. The clickable, immersive content draws in a consumer, informing them early on in the purchase funnel and directing them to purchase a product in a matter of seconds. This boosts click-through-rate and drives conversions. Interactive videos turn passive viewers into active participants and as a result, creates a memorable, thoroughly engaging experience with reduced user drop off. See how interactive video fits into every stage of the purchase funnel in the diagram below:

Using an interactive video platform to create immersive content allows brands to measure every click that occurs in the video. From the awareness stage with views, the discovery stage with clicks on the video, the consideration stage with add to cart and click throughs to e-commerce to the conversion stage with the transaction. This means interactivity is a key tool for analysing the effectiveness of video content marketing strategies. Brands can see clear ROI and KPI's and can adapt their content accordingly.

There are so many benefits to using interactive video, so here's a breakdown of some more key points:

Interactive video has the ability to boost brand value!

By carefully planning video content and the type of interactive video you want to use you can maximise ROI. Effective interactive formats include shoppable video, 360 videos, branching videos, quizzes and polls, conversational commerce and customisable videos. These all provide the viewer with a role to play in the video whether this is clicking to find out product info or swiping to explore a virtual reality destination. By involving the customer in the video they feel more connected to the brand and understand more about the product. This effectively builds trust between the parties and boosts brand value. Careful strategy and planning of videos mean that content can be maximised to be not only engaging but creative enough to drive better customer and prospect relationships. Interactive videos boost customer retention and successfully convert, upselling to new and existing customers. After all, almost 80% of people state that product videos give them more confidence when purchasing a product

Boost you B2B and B2C Brand's social media presence on social media and ROI!

Implementing interactive video into social media marketing is incredibly effective at boosting conversation and ROI. For B2B marketers, LinkedIn is the best platform to advertise your brand. Here, videos share industry related thoughts and hold interactions with customers. A single interactive video can generate solid brand metrics and attract key customers. For B2C brands social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok are gold mines for consumer interaction and virality. On TikTok 60 second videos have the capacity to be viewed by millions of people in minutes. Clickable and shoppable content on these platforms can boost conversion rates by 400%.

Interactive video and search engines = match made in heaven

Placing an interactive video online generates conversation about your brand and encourages traffic to your e-commerce. Posting regular content can boost your presence and visibility online even more. Video content marketing can aid your overall SEO efforts and online traffic just through regular posting and updates. By creating and reposting interactive video, your brand will develop a sturdy online presence and rank higher for your specific key search terms.

Interactive video can lead to greater e-mail marketing impact

Using interactive video in e-mail marketing strategy instantly grabs the attention of your customer and encourages more open rates. Videos are an easier way to take in information than reading lengthy paragraphs so are far more memorable, engaging and informative. More open rates means more click through rates to brand websites leading to higher conversion rates.

It is clear that interactive videos boost conversion rates

In fact, by placing a video on a landing page can boost conversion rates by 80%. By using an interactive video platform, brands can create relevant clickable videos that are seamlessly integrated into the site Demandware API, reflecting the ethos of the brand. When visiting e-commerce landing pages, consumers can be highly influenced by video. Watching a video that clearly displays a variety of products in detail with call-to-actions to add to basket will convince a customer to make the purchase. Hence, video rich marketing plans can boost revenue.


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