Updated: May 26, 2021

With 86% of businesses using video marketing as a tool in 2021, if you aren't using it, you're missing out.

So, if you are looking to incorporate video content marketing, here is some of the key criteria you should build into your strategy.

Figure out what your audience will be expecting or looking for

Understanding your audience is key to making great content. You need to consider what it is you are selling and who would be looking for it. You should also figure out how your customer would want to come across your video content marketing. Building your customer persona is key for creating relevant videos.


What is my customers goal?

What solutions are they looking for?

What are their challenges?

What motivates my customer?

What will they be interested in seeing in video ecommerce?

Create eye catching, bold and confident material that engages

It takes 12 seconds for a consumer to decide whether a video is worth watching. So, there is pressure to hold your viewer as soon as they press play. To grab the attention of your consumer, use eye catching visuals that reflect your brand ethos, use music, story line and scripts. Be bold in your opening by getting your core message in early on.

You can take video content marketing one step further with interactivity. Interactive video platforms help brands to tag videos with clickable hotspots. This allows viewers to tap, swipe, drag and more to find out key information about products in a fun and memorable way. Video interactivity allows the consumer to play a role in the video, connecting them closely to their favourite brands. Using tag videos can boost conversion rates by up to 400%, especially if they are shoppable. Include call-to-actions like "buy now", "shop now" or "add to basket" to provide your viewer with a direct way to purchase your product.

Make sure your customer can understand you

While it's important to understand your customer, it is equally as important for them to understand you. Make sure your content is clear, concise and easy to grasp. If you are explaining a product, do it in short, simple sentences. The last thing consumers want is a wordy lecture filled with jargon. Use visuals to make it even clearer as 65% of the population are visual learners.

Give your customer a reason to trust you

It is important to show that your brand has credibility. So, within video ecommerce try to include reviews from previous customers and think about answering the question, "why should I buy from you?". If you have the budget you could consider including an influencer in your video. In fact, 63% trust influencer messages more than brand messages. So, including an influencer in your content will definitely boost your credibility.

For some more ideas, here are some key reasons why customers trust brands...

Include special offers to convince you customer to buy

Highlighting special offers in your video content marketing will give your customer the extra push they need to invest. Time sensitive deals such as free sign up for a limited time, free month trial, % off deals can encourage impulse purchases.

Make sure your video is short and sweet

No need to make a 60 minute feature length film, long videos just don't hold the attention of your customer. Try and tell your brand story in 30-60 seconds and if you can't, 2:30 minutes tops. Viewers have short attention spans so you don't want to loose them before you have told them the full story.

Next steps?

Once created, share your video across social media, in CRM and as video ecommerce on site landing pages.

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