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It is the time of year again where we wanted to compile our favourite live shopping event examples from 2022!

Since the initial introduction of live shopping during covid, many brands and retailers are now viewing this as a must have sales channel on their e-commerce sites. Since the pandemic there has been a 76% increase in purchases made through live shopping. Based on the recent success with this format, 2023 is also looking like the year when brands are going to move from experimenting with live shopping to building it into their ongoing strategy.

We are seeing a broad range of live shopping event types, ranging from shows hosted by brand experts to influencers and show hosts. In addition to brands and retailers we are also seeing publishers getting into live shopping to enhance their online experience and offering their brand partners a new way to use affiliate programs.

Bloomingdales x Kiehl’s live shopping masterclasses

Bloomingdales has jumped into live shopping with regular beauty masterclasses in partnership with different makeup and skin care brands. The live shopping masterclasses are hosted by experts who have in-depth product knowledge, speaking to one of the key reasons for viewers to join a live shopping experience: to learn more about the brand and products.

Kiehl’s live shopping skin care masterclass was an excellent example of a successful live shopping event. The live shopping event was hosted by an employee of Kiehl’s who had in-depth knowledge of skincare and Kiehl’s products. The event was largely driven by education and questions from the audience, making it highly engaging. The viewers were able to shop all the products via real time featured shoppable products as well as exploring shoppable products in a carousel.

In addition to shoppability, Bloomingdales included interactive elements for a competition and ability to become a Bloomingdales loyalty member. Approximately 30% of their audience clicked to learn more about Bloomingdales membership. They also encouraged the audience throughout the live shopping event to enter the competition and announced the winners at the end of the live shopping event which boosted the average view time and engagement.

SassyClassy x Bellbyrd Black Friday live shopping

A super popular German ecommerce brand SassyClassy hosted their first live shopping event in partnership with Bellbyrd for Black Friday. The live shopping event was created as a really fun shopping experience featuring a host talking through a selection of looks and models showcasing the outfits as part of the show. The live stream also showed detailed close up shots of the products giving the viewers ability to see the details of each garment. During the live shopping event, viewers were able to explore all the shoppable products and add them directly to their shopping cart. Purchases during the show were also given a 25% extra discount to encourage shopping.

Viewers were also able to ask questions, send comments and likes during the show. The live shopping event was also made available as a recording for anyone that missed the show or wanted to watch it again.

Super-Pharm live shopping

Israel’s leading marketplace, Super-Pharm launched a live shopping series featuring an Israeli influencer Yuval Kaspit. The show was presented in a super fun format where the influencer was presenting the products, engaging both with the audience as well as the backstage crew during the live shopping event. This enabled for the show to feel very authentic and enabled viewers to feel like part of the fun. There was also a competition which was driven by viewers leaving comments on the live stream, which helped with driving extra engagement. Of course, during the live shopping event, viewers were able to explore all the shoppable products and to add these directly to their Super-Pharm shopping cart.

The show is also available to view as a recording, which has all the functionalities of the original live shopping event, apart from ability to leave new comments and send likes.

Following the success of the first live shopping event, Super-Pharm has since launched additional live shopping events featuring Yuval Kaspit as well as a guest influencer.

Buttonscarves weekly live shopping series

Known for their simple, low-production but yet effective live shopping events, Buttonscarves, the Indonesian fashion brand has reached almost 8X ROI by doing weekly live shopping events hosted on their Shopify store.

The regular hour long live shopping events feature a stylist from Buttonscarves talking through a selection of their latest products. The products are featured in real time as they are revealed in the live shopping event. The viewers can add the products directly to their shopping cart without leaving the live show.

Regular live shopping events can highly increase the sense of community of a brand. Once you connect with your customers on a more regular and personal basis, it is just a matter of time that’s reflected into sales and Buttonscarves is the perfect example of it.

Once the shows are completed, Buttonscarves also keep a recording of the live shows on their dedicated Live Shopping section of the website, where viewers can re-live the experience and also easily explore the full selection of products in a shoppable carousel.

Grazia live shopping events

Grazia is leading the way for publishers to get into live shopping. Grazia has launched a series of live shopping events which are hosted on a dedicated section of their website and embedded within articles. The live shopping events range across fashion and beauty categories featuring Grazia’s head of Beauty.