With interactive video content on the rise, which are the top brands mastering shoppable content in 2022 so far? Keep reading to find out!

Brands have entered a new era of video interactivity to boost conversions and increase sales. Shoppable videos are now democratized and easy to create thanks to interactive video software that enables brands to quickly tag videos and add a clickable layer to them. Brands also use these interactive video platforms to repurpose existing content and make it shoppable.

Additionally, while brands are participating in this new era of video interactivity, so are the social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Twitter are supporting the creation of shoppable content to attract users' interests and be up-to-date with the latest consumer needs.

These top five shoppable content marketing examples are based on their level of innovation, use of content interactivity, and the level of engagement generated.

Top 5 - Everclean with Shoppable video

This interactive video ad is simple yet effective. The ad was launched on Instagram and featured an entirely clickable cat litter video. Users could tap to explore the range to learn more and be transported to the retailer's site to buy. Ads like this have the capacity to quadruple conversion rates for brands.