Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Introducing livestream shopping, the latest trend shaking up ecommerce in 2021.

Over the past year shopping habits have changed drastically. The pandemic threw us into a "storeless" economy in which simply visiting a retailer for product advice was impossible. As a result, brands have had to think digitally to find innovative ways to connect with customers to sell online.

Shoppable video streams have provided a welcome solution to digital customer disconnect. In fact, live videos hold viewers attention 10-20x longer than pre-recorded, on-demand content. The immersive, personal, real-time experience allows customers to shop live and brands to sell lots of products fast. Just check out China, they have been using livestream shopping for years with 265 million Chinese customers purchasing from livestreams in 2020. Even Kim Kardashian has jumped on the trend with Chinese influencer Viya Huang, selling 15,000 bottles of perfume in minutes.

Gradually, more and more brands internationally are using interactive video platforms like Smartzer to allow their customers to shop live on streams. Here are some of the top shoppable video streams of 2021 so far!


ZacZess X Smartzer: harnessing the power of shoppable livestream!

Swedish equestrian wear brand, ZacZess, used livestream shopping to its full potential with Smartzer's platform.

Firstly, the brand uploaded the products they wanted to display to the Smartzer player via SKU. They then built a shoppable carousel alongside for the viewers to click and browse as the video played. Following this, the player was connected to ZacZess's streaming platform using the stream key and RTMP link. The brand then went live with customers able to comment and speak to the hosts via a chat room.


Livestream allowed ZacZess to achieve fantastic results:

  • 67% of viewers interacted to view product details

  • Over 50% click-through rate to product pages from the livestream

  • 40% of viewers commented using the chat bar


Magiclaze X Smartzer: selling through a livestream event!

German brand, Magiclaze, sells a variety of products from hoodies and sweatshirts to bead jewellery and handbags.

The brand partnered with Smartzer to create an exciting shoppable livestream event. The hosts demonstrated their products to the viewers clearly, giving them the confidence to buy. The dynamic real-time shopping experience was created in a similar way to the ZacZess stream. Product links were uploaded prior to the stream and then the player was linked to the streaming platform Magiclaze wished to use.


The video resulted in the following successful feature functions:

  • The stream featured a chat room for their customers to interact with hosts

  • Shoppable carousel allowed viewers to browse a variety of products without disturbing the stream

  • clickable popups allowed customers to shop live by adding products to their basket for purchase


Brown Thomas X Smartzer: livestream shopping, bespoke, ticketed events

Gallery: (Clockwise from top left) Max Mara, Charlotte Tilbury Live Event, Arnotts Gift Grotto, Arnotts Christmas Tree Decorating.

Brown Thomas teamed up with Smartzer to deliver an array of shoppable live events. Beauty and fashion fans could sign up for tickets and spaces on the events for a bespoke and exclusive shop live experience. The livestreams featured all star hosts such experts from Laura Mercier, Charlotte Tilbury, Max Mara, NARS and more. Customers could learn how to use the products displayed and purchase them straight from the stream. After the live videos, Brown Thomas repurposed the videos as on-demand content on their ecommerce. This means that anyone can access the streams to learn top style tips and discover new products.


Brown Thomas's events were highly successful and generated:

  • Average Engagement Rate = 55%

  • Average Click-Through Rate = 18%

View Brown Thomas's beauty masterclasses as repurposed onsite content here!


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