Top Shopify Apps For Boosting Site Engagement With Video Content

Video content has become one of the most engaging content solutions out there, thanks to today's consumers being visual people.

People today consume knowledge via quick 30-second videos, and they want their knowledge fast.

We have done the hard work for you and gathered the top 4 Shopify apps that can boost your site's engagement using video content:

  1. Smartzer

  2. Shopideo - Product Video

  3. CreatorKit - Video & Ad Editor

  4. Vidjet

1. Smartzer

Smartzer's app for Shopify helps brands create engaging and entertaining shoppable videos and live stream shopping events. By adding a clickable overlay to their video content to make them shoppable, consumers can tap product hotspots to bring up information with an 'Add to Cart" button encouraging viewers to make purchases straight from the video. The Smartzer Live Stream shopping feature allows brands to sell their products in real-time, via the live stream. Viewers can add to the cart or be directed to the brand's product page directly from the video. The videos can be shared on Shopify sites and many more e-commerce sites, social media and email newsletters.

2. Shopideo ‑ Product video

Shopideo is an app that helps you find the right YouTube and Vimeo videos for your products and add them to your product pages. It even checks the health of your videos periodically for problems and allows you to set whatever thumb fits better to your site.

3. CreatorKit ‑ Video & Ad Editor

The CreatorKit app was designed and built to help Shopify stores grow online. Creating video ads with high-performing motion graphics in minutes. In just one click, you can import the product assets in order to generate a product video using all your assets from your products.

4. Vidjet

Vidjet is Shopify’s first no-code video widget tool, specially designed to give customers an engaging, non-intrusive experience on your website. The video pop-up format suits any website. The app doesn’t impact the flow of your website and doesn’t interrupt the customer journey.

Smartzer offers brands & agencies around the world access to our cutting-edge, easy-to-use & scaleable SaaS tool so that they can transform their video & live content into shoppable & interactive experiences, both DTC, B2B and internal training. Click here to book a demo!