Updated: Jun 1, 2021

It has become more common to see shoppable video across social media and on ecommerce landing pages.

Nowadays, clickable, hot-spot technology means that anyone can tap, drag, swipe, spin or zoom products to find out more information to convince customers to buy. Add-to-cart and buy now functionalities encourage purchases to be made directly from the video.

This drives the viewer quickly down the purchase funnel generating fast revenue. You may have seen some on-demand clickable campaigns from your favourite brands, but there are so many different ways to use shoppable, interaction video.

Here are some refreshing ways to use interactive video platforms that you may not have considered...

Shoppable livestream done differently

If you happen to be in touch with the latest video content marketing trends, it's highly likely that you will have come across live shop technology. Hosts broadcast to customers to sell products in real time by displaying their products or modelling them for the camera. Viewers can then click popups to shop along, directly from the stream. Live shops are a great way to recreate the in person store experience online and they can feature a variety of content. Some ideas that you could use in a livestream include:

  • Q and A's with the audience: get the viewers to ask questions in the chat bar and then answer them as you sell your product

  • Shoppable interviews: interview an influencer relevant to your brand and allow the audience to purchase the products displayed

  • Live shop runways: stream a runway show and use appropriate product tags for viewers to shop direct

There are a variety of interactive video platforms that can help you create a live shop, including smartzer.com

Shoppable editorials

Shoppable online magazines are an exciting and informative way to educate and convince your consumer. Feature dynamic videos in your online editorial to make it even more engaging and then share across your socials and on ecommerce. Viewers can click various products and click a "shop now" call to action, this is commonly seen in magazine apps. Net-A-Porter has a digital weekly magazine that functions like this. Customers can view editorial content via an app on their mobile devices, shopping directly from the content. Even the physical, paper copy is shoppable as readers can scan QR codes to be directed to product pages.

Shoppable runways

We mentioned shoppable runways before as livestreamed experiences. However, you can also re-purpose runway videos as on-demand shoppable interaction video. Viewers can watch recordings of exclusive shows, giving your customer a front row seat from the comfort of their home. Providing your customer with the opportunity to shop entire looks opens the door to product discovery and drives sales. You could consider sharing the runway videos to your social media, or use them on ecommerce landing pages, perhaps even in CRM.

T-commerce and shoppable story lines

With the rise in streaming services online such as Amazon Prime, Netflix as well as catch up services from TV channels, more of us are watching shows online on our smart TV's, smart phones, iPads and laptops. T-commerce allows viewers to shop directly from telly ads or even the shows themselves. Bravotv.com launched a TV series called "The Girlfriends Guide to Divorce" that viewers could click to shop what the characters were wearing. This provides an exciting, exclusive shoppable experience, allowing customers to dress like their favourite stars.

Customisable, decide your outcome style videos

Additionally, shoppable storylines allow viewers to become active participants in the content. Branching technology lets watchers to decide their own destiny by choosing pathways and customising what they see. This provides the most relevant experience for the customer and holds their attention until the very end. Check out the example below that allows viewers to create their own sweet, chocolate cookie treat:

For more information on creating interaction videos and live shop experiences, visit smartzer.com