Updated: Jun 1, 2021

With 96% of marketers planning on increasing their spend on video content marketing, video formats are transforming before our eyes.

We have become so accustomed to experiencing video in an immersive and entertaining way that we probably don't even notice standard videos anymore. You can guarantee that the same thing goes for your consumers.

Consequently, brands are seeking to harness tools that create interaction videos that compel, convince and convert. But with so many options, where do you start?

Here is a quick and straightforward guide on what to look for in interactive video platforms.

1. Consider what kind of format would suit your brand.

Nowadays, most consumers look towards streaming commerce to discover new products. Seeing something in action in a video provides a clear and realistic representation of a product whether this is a car, shoe or lipstick. Generally, these videos are what give customers the confidence to buy online. If a customer can click to explore a product in a fun, interactive way, they will gain even more information from the interaction video. So when considering what interactive video platform to use, you should carefully consider what format will suit your brand and customer. So, here are some popular examples:

  • Shoppable video: videos with an interactive overlay that customers can click to find out product information, links to e-commerce and add to cart functionalities. Shoppable videos are monetised content that tracks engagement, CTR and conversions and producing high rates of these KPI's too! Smartzer.com can help you create incredible shoppable videos.

  • Branching videos: Branching allows you to add clickable decision points in your video that can jump or loop the viewer to another timestamp in your video, allowing them to craft a viewing experience that’s most relevant to them. Here, the consumer takes control, manipulating the video to suit their preferences in a journey, story telling type video. Cinema8 can help you to create branching, gamified videos.

  • 360 degree videos: These videos allow your consumer to be transported into the video. They can swipe, drag, zoom aspects to explore as thought they are inside a virtual reality. These immersive experiences can be a great tool to advertise holidays and destination type offerings. They can also be used with products to give a detailed view. VRCraftworks can help you create 360 degree videos if you have the budget.

  • Livestream Video: Brands upload product links prior to the stream on a player. They can then embed the player code on the streaming service they wish to go live on. Streaming commerce can help brands make huge sales in seconds. Customers can connect with brands in real-time, bringing the online, offline and providing a community feel. Smartzer.com can help you create immersive shoppable livestreams.

  • Chat bots: Conversational commerce is an up and coming format that provides a human feel to computer driven bots. Customers can gain instant answers to questions without leaving the e-commerce, giving them the confidence to buy. Interactive video platforms like Hero, allow brands to set up one on one calls with customers from the store to their homes, showing them products and answering questions.

  • Quizzes and Polls: Quizzes can help your customer learn about the product and can help you learn about your customer. Direct data inputs allow brands to see into the mind of their consumer to provide a bespoke product experience and offer the most relevant products. Vizia can help you create quizzes and polls in a straightforward way.

  • Interactive Wholesale: Interaction video can be used within the wholesale industry via digital show rooms. Here, retailers can view products in 360 degree rotations, watch livestreams and chat with brands. Interactive wholesale can combine the above to create a memorable and immersive B2B experience. Le New Black is a great platform for brands looking to sell to retailers.

2. Consider whether you have suitable pre-existing content, or whether you will need to make a brand new video with interactivity in mind.

Streaming commerce can be simple and cheap. Brands could easily reuse suitable pre-existing content and make it shoppable and interactive video platforms like Smartzer can help you to do this. Alternatively, if you wanted to create a video in a branching or 360 degree format, it would definitely be the best idea to create a video with these formats in mind. So, these formats can take more time and be more expensive to create.

3. Consider your budget and the packages the platform offers.

What product offerings do they have and do they offer packages. Some interactive video platforms offer a range of products under one subscription whereas some may only offer specific formats. Spending more money on an interactive video platform will allow you full access to a wide range of tools that will help you to achieve strong ROI and reach a broader range of consumers. Some platforms may be more technologically challenging while others are simpler to use. Consider how you would like to add information to your video, will this be via URL's, images, Product Feeds, Product API's or will this be manually inputted. Also consider where you would like to share your video as some packages may offer social sharing, CRM and e-commerce implementation, while others may restrict you to one or the other. Furthermore, subscriptions may entitle you to use the tool for a certain amount of time so you should consider how many videos you wish to create and how long you want to keep them live for. For those with a small budget platforms like Vyond can let brands create interactive quiz videos for free.

For more information about specific formats and interactive video tools read our blog here!

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