2020 was a difficult year for every industry and individual. The global pandemic was a challenge for many; even to us at Smartzer. But for the digital services, it was only a hiccup in the way. After everyone was forced to stay safe at home, digital platforms, technologies, shoppable and interactive videos have gained importance. Now, the pressure is on for brands to pay attention to their digital content as the closest form of interaction they will have with their customers. This year, the growth will continue and we will see how technologies emerge to offer customers the most personalised experiences.

These are some of our predictions for the future in 2021, and why it will be an exciting year for Smartzer...

Growth use of video content

Video content has always been a successful form of storytelling, images and text alone don’t seem to cut it anymore. Hubspot reported that 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool (up from 63% over the last year). Furthermore, Insivia reported that mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year. As a result, brands need to up their game by rethinking their video content marketing strategy in order to stand out and stay relevant.