Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Media agencies are increasingly integrating shoppable content into their offerings to brands in order to boost video interactivity and unlock additional revenue.

Why are agencies hopping on the trend?

With so many agencies for brands to choose from, all offering similar services and products, many are seeking to expand their offering in order to stand out amongst their competitors.

Similarly, many brands are demanding more from linear videos in order to monetize their content and see a direct ROI- they want quality views. In response to these growing demands, some agencies are promoting the integration of a shoppable and interactive platform to their clients in order to see better results from video content.

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Giving video content & consumers the platform they deserve

The majority of video content is costly and time consuming to produce, often requiring significant investment, but often with little way of measuring ROI it can be difficult to judge the success and impact of a video. Video can be a seamless way for brands to showcase their products. However, with no interactivity, the video can seem purely promotional and does not include the consumer as a participant.

In the digital age, consumers are demanding more from content. They don't want to simply watch passively - they want to consume, interact and discover through content in order to make informed purchase decisions. Shoppable content makes these unique, interactive experiences possible.

Unlocking the purchase funnel

Linear video content performs one measurable function. Brand awareness based on views. Shoppable content allows brands to unlock the full purchase funnel beyond awareness. Metrics can extend to discovery when viewers click on the video, consideration when they add to bag/click to explore and finally, conversion at the point of purchase.

The transactional nature of the last two stages can be easily tracked. This means that when it comes to measuring the direct ROI, data/trends can be easily pinpointed- which in turn can inform future strategies. Integrating an interactive video player onto standard videos unleashes the full potential of the content.

Enhancing the consumer experience through storytelling

Interactive ad formats are multi dimensional. Beyond shoppable content, they can also improve the consumer journey through the art of discovery.

In addition to the add to bag functionality, videos and live streams can integrate alternative ‘hotspots’ that perform a variety of functions. Brands could use ‘hotspots’ for educational, discovery and explorational purposes to allow the customer to learn more about specific products or features. This could be information on specific designers in a fashion show. The customisable overlay allows brands to tweak the platform to suit their KPIs and their brand image.

For example, automotive brands are able to promote new car launches using interactive video by hotspotting key features, such as new technology or customisations. Rather than incite direct sales through the add to bag function, which wouldn't be appropriate for this type of product, customers are instead encouraged to learn more about the car or to book a test drive.

Smartzer recently teamed up with Ford to deliver an action packed interaction video for the new Ranger FX4- watch the video below or live on their website here!

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It is clear to see how interactive and shoppable platforms can grip the attention of the customer. The way in which it encourages audience participation boosts engagement, CTR and conversion rates to new heights.

In 2021, agencies are beginning to understand the importance of video interactivity, recommending it to more and more brands.

Integrating an interactive video player onto standard videos unleashes the full potential of the content, rather than leaving ROI as a question mark and leaving the consumer journey down to chance.

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