The average consumer scrolls through 300 feet of social media content a day. So, if 90 meters of content is being observed daily, brands need to stand out against the masses to turn views into conversions. The answer could lie within shoppable video.

But what is shoppable video?

Shoppable videos are the future for video content marketing. Captivating visuals and overlaying product tags create an immersive, interactive video experience that will direct the consumer straight to the product on their screen without changing windows. Through this content marketing technology, a consumer was four times more likely to purchase the product shown in the ad. This technology is harnessed by Smartzer to get brands noticed and overcome issues faced in an ever changing technological minefield.

What are the online issues faced by brands?

Pressure to provide an advanced digital shopping experience. With sales from retail at an all time low, the main way for most brands to sell is through ecommerce. As a result, it is essential to provide an unforgettable, first class shopping experience for customers.

Distractions and disconnect. When customers see an ad for a product on social media there will be distractions preventing them from committing to the purchase. This might be from unrelated pop-up ads, redirection to another window or a viewer may arrive at the brands website but the product is nowhere to be seen. These standalone video ads are disconnected from the purchasing process and provide no clear analytics to understand the effectiveness of the content.

Complex online navigation. With the Nations screen time through the roof, finding products featured in the various pieces of content can often entail over a dozen clicks, resulting in a huge missed opportunity where most customers will simply never complete this process.

Limited insights into content performance. Video advertising may be one of the most difficult channels to measure. This is largely because ROI is very limited to high level metrics such as views and dwell time on the video. It is nearly impossible to associate revenue with a video on a brand’s e-commerce site.

The solution?

Shoppable video. The interactive aspect provides a memorable experience that educates and engages a customer. The customer is directed straight to the tagged product with no distractions making them more likely to commit to purchase. The clicks and conversions generated through interactive video are easily measured enabling brands to see clear results.