Updated: Sep 10, 2021

2020 saw businesses transfer to the digital world. With some brands losing their bricks and mortar stores to become a totally online entity.

Now, in 2021 many brands are asking how they can optimise their content for online viewing and provide the best possible experience for customers.

One of the most talked about solutions for video content marketing in 2021 is interaction video, with 92% of marketers saying that video content marketing is an important part of their marketing strategy.

Through the immersive and exciting format brands can grip customers, informing them about their products in seconds! It is no wonder that 70% of brands are creating more videos this year than previously.

But how can interactive video platforms help brands and why are they worth using?

Let's dive deeper into the benefits of interaction video....

Defining Interactive Video

Interactive video content is made clickable by "hotspots". Viewers can interact by hovering, scrolling, dragging, tapping and more creating an interesting and varied experience, Videos can be shoppable with hotspots displaying product info and call-to-actions that allow viewers to make purchases within the video.

Branching videos are interactive decide your own path experiences. These videos provide consumers with a bespoke, personalised video that they can control. Similarly, data inputs and quizzes combine buttons and branching to deliver an assessment and reveal a personalised product for customers at the end of the video.

Immersive 360 degree virtual realities let viewers see as if they are inside the video. They can drag and spin to look in all directions, this can give a detailed view of a product or destination from the comfort of their home. Live stream videos can be made interactive and shoppable to bring brands and customers together in a sociable, real-time shopping experience.

Interactive video and the purchase funnel

Brands can tag videos with clickable hotspots that users can interact with to instantly find out information on a brand or product. This takes the viewer on a shopping journey through several layers of the funnel from awareness all the way through to conversion. Here is how interactive video works in the purchase funnel...

1. Awareness: consumer views the interaction video

2. Discovery: consumer clicks on hotspots in the video

  • The video pauses and opens an overlay of product information. This could include images, prices, descriptions, colours etc

  • The viewer can click open a carousel alongside the video which contains information about all the items featured throughout the video. This could include details of singular items or groups of items, such as a ‘shop the look’ in a fashion video.

3. Consideration: clicking the calls-to-action

  • Once the user has clicked the call to action they will be able to ‘Shop Now’, ‘Learn More’, ‘Book a Test drive’, and so on. Viewers can click on the call action button which can take them to a product detail page for example. By clicking on this button after seeing a summary of the item details, the user is indicating consideration to purchase.

  • The interaction video can also include direct actions within the video itself, such as adding an item to a shopping cart on an e-commerce website without first visiting the product details page.

4. Conversion: placing an order, booking a test drive or signing up to a mailing list.

By using interaction video, all of these stages are fully trackable and can be moved through by the user in a matter of seconds. The path to purchase is shortened with engaging, informative, shoppable content.

Interaction video engages

Nowadays, there is so much online content that users can easily be distracted by when browsing the internet. By using an interactive video platform, brands can make new and existing video content immersive and engaging. This changes the passive viewer into an active participant with game-like experiences resulting in a 591% lift in user activity.

Interaction video informs

The clickable popups allow consumers to make informed decisions about products. Tag videos successfully turn uninformed traffic into qualified traffic to e-commerce sites. Interactive video platforms like Smartzer, help brands raise click through rate by 15%.

Interaction video converts

The easy links to websites and product pages mean that engaged users are quickly transported to the transaction stage. The immersive experience gives them all the information required in a short period of time, they can then feel confident enough to purchase a product. Again, by using Smartzer's tag video platform, brands were able to boost conversion rate by 400%.

Interaction video can be tracked

Brands will be able to track every action that occurs within the video, making them an extremely valuable marketing strategy tool. Each action can be measured against the purchase funnel so marketers will be able to see at which stage there content succeeds or fails to then adjust content.

Interaction videos are clearly an essential format for marketers in 2021. The unique, memorable clickability of videos engages audiences, informs and converts to a high rate that can be proved with metrics.

Brands should jump on this trend ASAP to avoid being left behind!