Updated: Jun 1, 2021

The number of businesses using video as a marketing tool has increased by 41% since 2016. This can be attributed to advances in technology, but largely the 2020/2021 global pandemic. With more of us stuck at home and shops closed, brands have been looking for new ways to interact with customers and connect with them virtually. In fact, 74% say the pandemic made them more likely to use video, while 26% say it became less likely.

So why are brands using interactive video platforms?

Interactive video is a type of content that viewers can click to control. Viewers can hover, scroll, drag, tap and more to investigate and explore brand offerings. Product information can be attached to hotspots so viewers can learn about the brand early on in the purchase funnel, this drives them quickly down to the conversion stage which leads to a higher click through rate and higher conversion rate!

Video formats can allow customers to live shop in livestreams, decide their destiny with branching, immerse themselves in a virtual reality with 360 degree views, learn about themselves through quizzes and data inputs and discover their new favourite product with shoppable video. Allowing the customer to interact with your video content marketing provides a bespoke and personalised experience that gives them control. This allows them to feel confident enough to buy a product and encourages impulse purchases.

Interactive video platforms like Smartzer can help you create immersive, memorable and exciting video experiences for your customer out of new or existing content. All you need to do is consider what will work best for your brand and for your target customer. Then, your content will engage at high rates, increase click through rates and conversion rates.

Here's the proof...

Interactive video can increase user engagement by 591%.

There is so much video content online it can be hard to grab the attention of a consumer for long. However, with interactive video you can draw in your consumer with compelling storylines that involve them, holding their interest 44% longer than standard video, reducing user drop off.

Interactive video drives informed traffic to your e-commerce.

Clickable pop-ups not only engage consumers, but educate them about your product. This proves that you have what they are looking for and convinces them to click through to your e-commerce. Interactive video platforms can help you boost click through rates by 15% +

Interactive video connects with customers to convert

By using live shop formats, brands can sell to customers virtually in real-time. This increases impulse buying as product carousels featuring links and add to bag functionalities encourage quick conversions. Using Chinese streaming platform Taobao, Kim Kardashian joined with influencer Viya Huang to sell 15,000 bottles of perfume in minutes, proving that streaming commerce and live shop formats convert at huge rates. However, you don't have to just use livestream to convert, videos that support most forms of interactivity have the capacity to boost your conversion rates by 400%.

Every action that occurs within an interactive video is trackable. As a result, the effectiveness of content can be measured and adapted in response to consumer preferences and movements.

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