Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Video is without a doubt the most popular form of marketing with customers. In fact, 82% of Twitter users prefer to find out about a brand or product via video.

With Gen-Z audiences more social media savvy than ever, brands are adapting their content with virality in mind. But how does shoppable video fit into this?

What is shoppable video?

Shoppable video is a type of video content marketing that supports user interaction. They have clickable hotspots that the viewer can tap, swipe, spin or zoom onto to find out product information, add the product to cart or visit the brand ecommerce to finalise the purchase. Call to action buttons like 'Buy Now', 'Sign up to newsletter' or 'add to cart' encourage viewers to become active participants in the content.

These days, our social media feeds are saturated with content. Interactive video on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter can help brands to stand out against the crowd as they achieve 3-4x more engagement than standard video.

Why is shoppable video the future for social media marketing?

The average person consumes 84 minutes of video online per day. The rise in mobile devices can largely be attributed to this. More than 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. With most people browsing on social media, this is where content has to be its best.

The engagement, CTR and conversion rate of shoppable video is second to none. As a result, using this video content marketing strategy has become increasingly important. Additionally, with livestream shopping on the rise, standard video just doesn't cut it anymore.

How to start using shoppable video in your social media strategy!

Firstly, you will need to decide how you want to make your video. There are plenty of interactive video platforms out there that will help you make a dynamic and immersive shoppable video that converts. Smarzter's shoppable video editor allows brands to tag their videos with product information via a clickable overlay.

Content can be repurposed video or alternatively a video made specifically with interactivity in mind.

Include an effective call-to action such as 'buy now' 'sign up to mailing list' or 'book a test drive'. This will notify your viewer that your video is shoppable.

Think about what content your viewer will be expecting. Make sure product tags are relevant and informative but also exciting and fun. This will make for an engaging shoppable video.

Incorporating story telling into your video content marketing will give your customer an enjoyable insight into your brand. On social media, customers look for quick, entertaining content that informs. So, make sure your video is a suitable length, possibly no more than 60 seconds.

Ensure content is mobile friendly! If you want your video to be viewed on an app format, vertical videos work the best.

To find out more information on how to create a shoppable video and interactive video on Facebook, Instagram visit smartzer.com