Read the latest and greatest shoppable content news for the summer of 2021 and what this means for brands.

With temperatures rising and holidays (or staycations) approaching, fans are on the look out for trending summer styles to refresh their look. With brands rushing to meet demand, shoppable content has helped many to deliver the latest collections with the click of a button.

We have seen a huge rise in brands participating in shoppable trends this summer and many are embracing the incredibly engaging, instantaneous 'see now, buy now' technology. Especially in the wake of the global pandemic.

So, if you want to shake up your dusty digital marketing, Ecommerce methods, check out how these household names have been embracing digital change with mind blowing, inspiring shoppable videos.

Jacquemus harnessed the power of shoppable video to let their fashion savvy fans buy straight from the runway!

Reimagining shopping in 2021 means making products even more accessible for customers.

Jacquemus astounded audiences with their 'see, buy, wear now' runway show. This dynamic, interactive and seamlessly shoppable show was created using Smartzer's interactive video platform and generated super high results.

See A-list models such as Kendal Jenner effortlessly display the Fall 21 'La Montagne' collection featuring timeless silhouettes in vivid colours that echo the beauty of the natural world.

Optimising this for the digital space, the brand seeks to create a more relevant, “more adaptive, modern and flexible approach. Our goal is to maintain the momentum between our presentation and product availability”, translating the energy of the show into immediate sales via a clickable overlay.

Check out the video live here!

ITV announces revolutionary shoppable TV

As the first of its kind in the UK, ITV is breaking boundaries with shoppable TV. Soon, viewers will be able to purchase the exact same lipstick as their favourite love islander with a popup that takes them directly to the product page on the Boots website.

ITV has used The Take's technology to connect to LG TV sets to allow viewers to shop using their remote. Explained by ITV, the service identifies and tags featured products during programmes and notifies viewers that products on-screen are available. If a viewer is interested, they can select to view more info with their remote and make a purchase via the vendor’s site or a link sent to their phone.

This extra layer of interaction makes for an incredibly special shopping experience unlike any other. Viewers can engage with their favourite brands while being entertained by their favourite show.

Klarna acquires conversational commerce platform Hero

The wear now, buy later has branched out into the social shopping sphere with some help from Hero. With over 90 million active users worldwide, Klarna seeks to optimise the shopping experience by opening up a new channel of communication using video call, chat room and chat bot technology.

Hero focusses on bringing the in store experience, online. The technology connects online shoppers with in-store representatives to provide a personalised customer service experience. Book one-to-one, one-to-many consultations to discuss products in more detail and ask for style advice.

This new hybridised version of online shopping will unlock growth for retailers by enabling consumers to make informed purchasing decisions as part of an engaging and personalised shopping journey.

Walmart and Kraft Heinz partner with Eko to produce 11 tasty and shoppable videos.

Using Eko's interactive video platform, Walmart and Kraft Heinz have created a variety of shoppable recipe tutorials. Viewers can choose which recipe they want to see being made and can purchase all the ingredients straight from the video by adding them to a shopping list.

This new form of grocery shopping reimagines a household chore to be fun, entertaining, educational and memorable. The convenient and hyper personalised experiences make shopping even more relevant to the customer.

As a result, Walmart and Kraft Heinz give a usually boring activity a face lift, setting an example for other food and beverage brands.

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