Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Zimmermann combines natural flowing florals with technology to create two iconic, state-of-the-art shoppable videos.


Using Smartzer's interactive video platform, Australian luxury fashion brand, Zimmermann, created a shoppable campaign video and runway experience. The timeless and elegant Ready To Wear 2021 Wild Botanica Collection exudes quality through the immersive and interactive video for Spring. The collection was entirely purchasable from the two technologically advanced videos, providing a memorable and unique e-commerce experience for their customers. Zimmermann applied Smartzer's interactive overlay to both the campaign and runway videos, adding a variety of exclusive products ranging from sleek shoes, gorgeous handbags and beautifully styled clothing options. Reflecting the themes of a spring garden in bloom, the videos seamlessly complimented Zimmermann's brand image and allowed for easy product discovery and purchases for their site visitors.


Both campaign and runway videos featured the interactive and clickable Smartzer overlay which integrated them both into the Zimmermann landing page. The consumer feels as though they are a part of the videos as they click to explore various looks. A group popup provides all items shown on the screen which viewers can select to transport themselves to the product page to add to their bag and complete a purchase. A shoppable sidebar allows consumers to browse all looks as the video continues to play. Both videos were deployed on Zimmermann AUS, US and UK websites to encourage global sales. The Zimmermann sales tracking tool allowed the brand to effectively use the intelligent cross-market ability of the Smartzer player.

Explore the campaign video: Spring RTW 2021 Campaign

Explore the runway video: Spring RTW 2021 Runway


  • Seamless integration onto Zimmermann e-commerce landing page

  • Interactive video reflecting Zimmermann's luxurious brand image

  • Clickable hotspot technology across an interactive overlay

  • Up to date URL's direct the user to product pages

  • Browsable product carousel to explore as the video plays

  • Group popup that pauses the shoppable video

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Zimmermann effectively combined refined technological software with their naturally beautiful Spring 2021 collection. The result is two engaging and charming product videos that flow without clumsy interruption. The subtle product overlay allows for easy product discovery and purchase. Each video presents a variety of looks in a variety of ways giving the viewer a complete and clear view to buy in confidence. The exciting, dynamic runway video gives the consumer a front row seat to Zimmermann's latest collection bringing the offline show, online connecting the brand and customers. By using an interactive video platform, the videos has helped to drive strong sales and clearly demonstrates how shoppable video can captivate and convert.