UGG x Jellyfish | Shoppable Video Ad Campaign

UGG partnered with Jellyfish and Smartzer to supercharge their regular programmatic video ad campaign into an interactive format. A series of videos featuring different UGG products were converted into a shoppable format using the Smartzer platform. When watching the video ad, viewers were able to click on the products in the ad to view additional details without leaving the ad unit. The product summary included multiple images of each product, the product name, price and a direct link to shop from UGG’s e-commerce. The shoppable video ads were distributed through a DSP across a number of publications in the UK and Germany.


UGG wanted to do something different to a regular video ad campaign with a simple banner click to their homepage. Adding an interactive layer with hotspots and product details built into the ad unit was the perfect alternative. In addition to offering a highly engaging discovery experience, UGG was also able to gain a lot of new valuable data point based on interactions with the video, on top of regular ad quartile views etc.


Smartzer’s technology was used to add a bespoke overlay to the video ads which contained customised shoppable hotspots and an UGG branded prouct detail overlay. Once the video ad was ready, the platform was used to create the overlay with details for each of the shoppable products. The ad was then exported as a VPAID tag ready to be distributed via the DSP.


The results of the campaign exceeded expectations were the CTR of the Smartzer enabled shoppable video format was over 3X higher than other interactive ad formats in both the UK and the US. By using Smartzer’s interactive overlay, UGG was able to gain more qualified traffic to thei website as the users would have viewed the product detail summary before deciding to click through to “Shop Now”.

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