Live shopping

A one-to-many live shopping experience

Create highly engaging live shopping events shared via e-commerce or social media. Driving engagement with your customers through real time comments and likes during the live stream. Increasing your revenue through instant product discovery and ability to shop directly from the live stream.

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Quick & Simple integration

Integrate with any
e-commerce platform

Sync your product catalogue, with automatic localisation of product details for different markets. Enable instant add-to-cart functionality to your Shoppable Videos & Live Shopping events.

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One-to-Many Live Shopping

Smartzer's live shopping platform can be directly connected to your product catalogue via APIs for real time product information across all markets. This seamless integration is perfect for live shopping.


Smartzer's live shopping platform can be fully customised to match your branding and functionality requirements. This makes our player fit within your website. Our add-to-cart function can also allow for quick conversion for your customers.


Share your live shopping shows on your e-comm website & social media by going live via a phone, production partner or purpose built studio. Easy for brands to captivate the influencer market and stay authentic with their live shopping events.


Measure the performance of your live shopping experience through our world leading analytics dashboard. You will be able to time-stamp peaks and learn from audience engagement offering valuable insight for when you are next live.

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Live Shopping features
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Within the Smartzer Live Shopping platform, you will be able to upload pre-recorded content as if it is a live show. You can then run the live show with real-time interactive products, moderating your comments and sharing the live shopping experience on your socials.

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Within our moderation feature you will be able to respond to comments, pin certain comments and viewers can add nicknames so your host can reply directly.
You will be able to block and delete users and with our automatic profanity filter you will be able to stop certain comments from appearing.

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Our live player offers a number of ways for elevating the interactive live streaming experience. These include comments, reactions, a live product carousel and a featured section where your host can educate users to click on the products or different call to actions in real-time.

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Post the live show, we will continue to host your live shopping show on-demand with all of the interactivity functionality. Customers will have the opportunity to watch back on live shows they might not have been able to watch in real-time. Getting more from the original show.