Interactive and Branching Videos

Transform your content into interactive video formats that enable instant discovery and increase engagement.

Interactive video provides an opportunity to intuitively discover more about the contents of the video through a fun experience. Interactive videos range from experiences with clickable interactive hotspots to branching videos where the viewer can control the journey of the video.

An interactive video example
Any video can become interactive

Create interactive and branching videos

Transform your existing videos into interactive experiences where hotspots are linked to further information and call to actions such as “Book Now”, “Learn More” or “Find nearest store”. Smartzer’s platform also enables creation of Branching Videos where the viewer can decide the path of the video enabling highly engaging, personalised viewing experiences.  Across the different interactive video formats, viewers are encouraged towards discovery & education whilst shaping their viewing journey to be a unique experience.

Interactive Video

Smartzer's platform offers the ability to manually upload information that you want to become interactive within a customisable pop-up. This easily integrates with your website & can be shared via your social media.


Our interactive video technology allows for full optimisation regardless of the device your consumers view from. Our hotspots are fully responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop creating the perfect viewing experience.


Our features allow for your video to be embedded directly on your website. You can also share the interactive video via social media which helps navigate viewers back to your site through our customisable call-to-actions.


Measure the performance of your videos through the Smartzer analytics dashboard. See data for key video KPIs such as views and clicks as well as behavioural data across distribution platforms, devices and markets.

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Interactive video is a wonderful tool for discovery. Whether that is discovering more information about a specific topic or perhaps utilising interactivity for educational experiences. Interactivity can provide your viewers with an immersive and exciting experience.

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In addition to products, our interactive hotspots can link to any type of call to action including feature discovery, bookings, recipe instructions etc. Our customisable call-to-actions can help navigate your audience as they shape their experience through interactivity.

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With branching you will be to add chapters within your content which provides your viewer the ability to jump to specific points. This also enables creation of "choose your journey" type experiences. This tool is perfect for making long form content more efficient & effective.

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The data points that are generated from our platform produce rich actionable data for our clients. The data points provide both performance based data alongside creative insights.
Our seamless integration allows us to be completely GDPR compliant.